Braces for Children

Your child is never too young to get consulted by an orthodontist for whether or not he/she will need braces. Although most children get braces between the ages of 11 to 15, there are cases where younger children get them as well. Once the adult teeth grow in, an orthodontist can give consultation for whether or not they believe braces are needed. Getting a professional opinion can greatly benefit your child in many ways and it generally doesn’t cost too much!

Reasons Why Your Child Should Get Braces:

Orthodontics will prevent tooth decay and problems later in life
When teeth are crooked, it makes brushing and flossing much more difficult. Statistics suggest that your child will have more cavities and will require more dental work in the absence of braces. The threat of gingivitis is also potent in children who cannot properly maintain their teeth. When comparing the potential cost of treating cavities, root canals, etc, braces are definitely a worthwhile investment.

Your child will be more confident, have an increased self-esteem, and feel better about their appearance
The benefits of having straight teeth greatly outstrip the negatives. Having straight, beautiful, healthy teeth will immensely increase your child’s self-confidence. As a result, your child will feel better about themselves and have a more optimistic outlook on life!

Your child’s breathing will improve
Generally when people think about braces they automatically think about teeth. However, many people fail to realize how braces can improve the structure of your mouth. The misalignment of the roof of your child’s mouth, their teeth, or jaw can lead to breathing problems. Orthodontics will help alleviate such a problem and ensure your child is healthy.
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