Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Plano, TX

Dr. Hardin is Here to Answer Your Questions

Learning more about dentistry requires time and effort. But while you can go online to Google all your questions, you’ll likely spend countless hours trying to find the answers. Here, Dr. Hardin and our dentistry team members have made it easy by compiling some of our most frequently asked questions and answers. We don’t want you to waste time looking for the details you need to take better care of your oral health, so look over the following questions. Feel free to give us a call for further assistance.

How often should I see my dentist?

You should expect to see your dentist every six months for regular checkups and cleanings. It is during these visits that they can review your smile and determine if any areas need to be treated. By examining your teeth, gums, bite, and oral structures, they can ensure that your smile looks and feels good moving forward and that you avoid serious damage or decay by providing helpful tips to use at home.

Will I need a referral for dental implant surgery?

No, you do not need a referral for dental implant surgery. We are able to perform this procedure in-house so that you avoid traveling to another dental office, receiving a separate bill, and undergoing treatment with unfamiliar faces. We want you to remain comfortable and at ease throughout this process, which is why we are pleased to offer it to our patients here in our Plano dental office.

Will you see my child?

Yes! We are happy to see patients of all ages. We believe children deserve the same great oral healthcare as adults, which is why we provide kid-friendly dental services such as fluoride treatments and dental sealants to safeguard their smiles as they grow. If you’re looking for a dentist you can trust and one that your children will love, Dr. Hardin and our team will go the extra mile to change the way your child views going to the dental office.

Will I need to replace a tooth that has been extracted?

If you are having a wisdom tooth extracted, you will not need to have it replaced. However, any other tooth that needs to be removed must be replaced. Otherwise, you could suffer serious problems the longer you wait (i.e., dental drift, bone loss, additional tooth loss). It is essential that you and your dentist discuss your options for tooth replacement, which might include a dental bridge, denture, or dental implant.

Will my cosmetic dentistry treatment look natural?

Yes, our team is qualified to provide cosmetic dental treatments and make them look completely natural. It is our goal to always deliver high-quality results, which is why no matter if you need veneers, teeth whitening, metal-free restorations, or even cosmetic bonding, we will ensure that your new smile looks beautiful, feels comfortable, and gives you the confidence you deserve.

Will you accept my dental insurance?

We are a fee-for-service dental office that is not in-network with any particular dental insurance company. However, we will file your paperwork and claims so that you get the maximum reimbursement from your insurance company.